Anaerobic Digester

Over the past decade Northern Lake Service, Inc (NLS) has developed analytical methods specific to the anaerobic digestion process, from feedstock to digestate.


Anaerobic Digester

Researchers, manufacturers, and farmers have relied on our lab to provide comprehensive and timely data on their processes.

Digester operators considering a change to inputs or having issues with their systems depend on us for process understanding and analysis. 

Contact our experienced staff for any assistance with your anaerobic digester system today.

Below are some of the categories of testing we offer:

  • BOD, COD

  • Solids Determination (TS, TSS, VS, VSS, TDS)

  • Macronutrients

  • Micronutrients

  • Volatile Fatty Acids

  • Common inhibitory substances (Heavy Metals, Salts, Ammonia)


Tribal Governments

Northern Lake Service, Inc. has been partnering with Upper Midwest Native American tribes for over 35 years.


Our services have helped protect the environment and ensure the health of Tribal members.  We provide general compliance monitoring of wastewater, groundwater, and drinking water sources.  We have also provided more specialized services including extensive surface water studies and analysis of biological tissue for deposition of mercury and other heavy metals as well as organics such as pesticides.


We currently work for all 11 federally recognized tribes in the state of Wisconsin and several in Michigan. Recently, we expanded our offerings to tribes beyond the Midwest. 


Give us a call today and find out what we can provide your community.


A sample of Tribes Served:


Menominee Indian Tribe, WI - Since 1981
Forest County Potawatomi, WI - Since 1982
Hannahville Indian Community, MI - Since 1982
Sokaogan Chippewa Community, WI - Since 1983
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, MI - Since 1991

Pulp & Paper

Papermaking has been the backbone of manufacturing in Wisconsin for 150 years, and NLS is proud to have served the pulp and paper industry for the last 32 years.  


Our sample collection procedures were developed on Wisconsin paper-sludge landfills and have since generated tens of thousands of pieces of highly defensible groundwater data.


We have been heavily involved in wastewater, land spreading, and waste characterization processes for our friends in the paper industry.  


Over the past ten years, we have worked for well over half of all paper companies located throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Common Services and Methods for the Paper/Pulp Industry:


Inorganic Analysis (IOC)


At NLS, we take heavy metals seriously, as well as other inorganic elements and compounds.  We have the equipment necessary to meet your project needs for drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, soils, sludge, and other matrices.


A number of high-precision instruments are used to produce the most accurate and trusted results.  The lab utilizes highly specialized ICP-MS to scan drinking water samples for trace metals.  Both axial and radial ICP's are used for various samples, and graphite atomic absorption furnaces are used for the analysis of more complex matrices. 


How low of a detection limit do you need?  We have a "clean-room" with a gold amalgamation atomic fluorescence instrument for the analysis of Mercury at Ultra-Low levels; down to a half part per trillion.


Our well-seasoned staff has over 60 combined years of inorganic analysis. NLS was one of the first labs in the country to be certified for EPA method 1631E for Ultra-Low level Mercury analysis on effluent and ambient surface waters.  


Please contact our inorganic supervisor Steve Hefter if you have any technical questions.

Field Collection


Northern Lake Service, Inc offers comprehensive field collection services to clients in the Upper Midwest.  Proper sampling and handling techniques are crucial to producing the most accurate results.  NLS is very highly regarded by the regulatory community. 


Our field collection crews are all hazwoper certified and CPR/First Aid trained. We have the option to submit all your data to the WDNR GEMS database for you. We can also provide you with your data in PDF, Excel, or just about any other format you'd like. Contact us today for assistance with your next field project.


Typical Field Collection Services we offer:


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