Inorganic Analysis (IOC)

At NLS, we take heavy metals seriously, as well as other inorganic elements and compounds.  We have the equipment necessary to meet your project needs for drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, soils, sludge and other matrices.

A number of high-precision instruments are used to produce the most accurate and trusted results.  The lab utilizes highly specialized ICP-MS to scan drinking water samples for trace metals.  Both axial and radial ICP's are used for various samples, and graphite atomic absorption furnaces are used for the analysis of more complex matrices. 

How low of a detection limit do you need?  We have a "clean-room" with a gold amalgamation atomic florescence instrument for the analysis of Mercury at Ultra-Low levels; down to a half part per trillion.

Our well-seasoned staff has over 60 combined years of inorganic analysis.  NLS was one of the first labs in the country to be certified for EPA method 1631E for Ultra-Low level Mercury analysis on effluent and ambient surface waters.  Please contact our inorganic supervisor Steve Hefter if you have any technical questions.