Northern Lake Service - Your Trusted UCMR4 Laboratory

Northern Lake Service is a family owned business that has been providing quality analytical data at a resonable price since 1974. Let our friendly, personable customer service make your UCMR 4 sampling events easy.

Northern Lake Service will provide...

  • Easy to follow sampling instructions
  • Well organized sample kits 
  • Electronic data submitted to EPA CDX database
  • Email notification of project status
  • Free shipping of sampling kits and return shipping to laboratory
  • Automated bottle shipments based on sampling schedule


We are approved by the EPA for all UCMR 4 methods.... (View Certificate)

Cyanotoxin Chemical Contaminants by EPA 544, 545 & ELISA (Screening)

Two Metals (Ge & Mn) by EPA 200.8

Eight Pesticides and One Pesticide Manufacturing ByProduct by EPA 525.3

All 9 Brominated Haloacetic Acid Compounds (HAA) by 552.3

Three Alcohols by EPA 541

Three Other Semivolatile Chemicals by EPA 530

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by 5310C

Bromide by EPA 300.0





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