Small Drinking Water Systems

The most vital responsibility of a small SDWA system is providing system users with a safe, reliable source of drinking water. Northern Lake Service, Inc. is on the job 24/7 providing our OTM (other then municipal) and NN (non-community, non-transient) customers with services needed to do just that.

We provide certified sample bottles, along with all appropriate paperwork and sampling instructions, shipped directly to the client location.  We offer a number of payment options, including credit cards and installment plans, and automatically submit all required data electronically to state regulators as required. We provide a variety of sample pickup options and/or sampling by one of the certified operators on our staff.

Contact: Nicole Noel, Andy Ostrowski  (NLS, Crandon)

               Mark Milanowski (NLS, Waukesha)

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Below are some of the categories of testing we offer: