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  Tracy Huber - Sales      

            * UCMR, WDNR Drinking Water, Wastewater

  Andy Ostrowski - Sales

            *  UCMR, Groundwater, Field Services, Federal Programs, Consultants and Engineers, and Nat'l Accounts



 Customer Support, Bottle Orders, Project Status, General Questions    

  Nicole Preuss - Client Service

  Paul Junio  - Client Service

  Sara Bach  - Client service



Technical Questions

  Steve Hefter - Inorganic Supervisor

  Craig Caselton - Organic Supervisor

  Russ Wolff - Problem Solving/Method Development


Accounts Payable/Receivable

  Michael DeMaster - Business Manager

  Dawn Dreher - Accounts Receivable

  Lisa Wiegand - Accounts Payable


Field Work 

   Mark Tracy - Field Services Coordinator


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